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Meet the author of Mommy Always Comes Back!
"Master Teacher" Penny Schnee-Bosch is the author of Someday... & Mommy Always Comes Back!
Penny & David's first picture book, Someday... (2010), asks "What do you want to be someday?" while letting kids know that just being who you are today is very special!



As a veteran early childhood teacher, I have enjoyed the opportunity to read a host of books to many children of different backgrounds. From the public schools of Harlem to the private schools of the Upper West Side, I have found that all children like to see themselves in a story. And once they're engaged, their imaginations soar!

There are just a very few picture books that address separation anxiety, so I set out to fill the void...


Mommy Always Comes Back bridges the gap between home and school, letting children know what to expect — all the way from tears to cheers. And, most importantly, they learn that it's OK to explore and have fun at school (and other new places) because Mommy always comes back!

                                        Penny Schnee-Bosch



David studied painting & drawing at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. His influences range from German expressionism to Tibetan thangka painting to silly cartoons.

The illustrations for Mommy were inspired by Japanese woodblock printing techniques: line drawings, colors, backgrounds were all drawn on separate sheets and then scanned and put together on the computer. The unique textures, color overlap and fuzzy lines created by chance contribute to the fun!

                                          David Bosch

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Mommy Always Comes Back! by Penny Schnee-Bosch, Pictures by David Bosch
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